Residential &           Business

  Free Consultation/Reasonable Rates


  1. Advocacy for Hospitalized Patients and their Families

  1. Appointments for Households and Businesses, and Repairs and Maintenance Assistance

  1. Art Lessons in Various Media; Art Selection Services; Mosaics

  1. Care-giving and Sitting for Infirm, Disabled, Children, Home and Pets

  1. Custom-made Cat Furniture (Dogs, too!)

  1. Errand and Courier Services

  1. Estate and Garage or Yard Sale Organization and Assistance

  1. Framing and Wall Placement

  1. Furniture - Refinish, Restore, Refurbish, Recycle, Reimagine, Reinvent, Repurpose and Unique Hand-made

  1. Garden and Landscaping Services

  1. General Office Help; Clerical, Secretarial or Paralegal; Notary Public (mobile); Home Office Computer Assistance to Individuals, Attorneys, and Businesses

  1. Girl Friday, Concierge and Personal Assistant Services for Over-Stressed Professionals, Families, Seniors and Disabled and Infirm Persons

  1. Grieving Persons Assistance

  1. Household and Business Organization and Clean-Up Assistance

  1. Household Finance, Paperwork and Organization Assistance

  1. Moving Assistance and Personal Relocation Services

  1. Murals for Nurseries and Children's Rooms

  1. Party and Holiday Event Planning and Decorating Assistance and Hors D’oeuvres Preparation

  1. Photo Retouching, Publishing and Family History Help

  1. Recreation and Sightseeing

  1. Redecorating  and Improvement Services for your Home or Office

  1. Shopping Services and Gift Assistance and Research and Booking Assistance

  1. Small Construction and Handy Girl Help; Regular and Custom Painting Projects

  1. Tile Setting - Standard and Artistic Mosaic

  1. Transportation, Shuttle and Designated Driver Services

  1. Travel Assistance and Companion Services for Adults and Children (including Disabled and Infirm); Personal Relocation Services

  1. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Assistance

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Girl Friday, Concierge and Personal Assistant Services to enhance your lifestyle……


Busy Families,

Over-Stressed Professionals,

Active Seniors,



Disabled and Infirm



I can help!

Could you use a little help with some of life’s many chores?  Are you ill, infirm or disabled and could use some help? Do you have a chore you would like to get done, but are unable to do it?

Are you someone who would just like to take the day off and leave the chores to someone else for a change?   Your free time is a wonderful gift.   I can help give it back to you.  Do you need help with anything at all?  I’m your Girl Friday…I can help!

I can provide a large number of services and skills to enhance your lifestyle and that of your loved ones!